Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wella, What Was All That About?!

As a pet sitter, I occasionally receive odd requests for help from my clients. Recently, a client from Providence emailed asking me to send a forgotten tube of Wella hair dye she "desperately" needed. "This is odd!" I said to myself, "Can't she buy another tube in the state she's visiting?" Since my only experience with hair dye was a regrettable box of red, I wondered if a sudden shortage of Wella caused the major panic. "Maybe," a friend said, "she's a SPY."

Nurturing my fantasy of old fashioned spy dramas, I carefully read her emailed instructions of where to find the tube and how to send it. First, the instructions read, I needed to locate the garage door opener and remove the dye from the car's glove compartment. This was all very well and good, except the door opener was in a million pieces and needed reassembling. 


Once assembled, I handedly opened the garage door, unlocked the car door, and started rummaging through the glove compartment. Expecting to find the tube inside a box, I didn't instantly see it hiding under some papers and loose dollar bills. Snatching it up, I returned to the house. My next instructions were to drive the tube to U.P.S. where a man behind the desk was expecting me. At least I wasn't required to package it myself! 


Handing over the tube of Wella to the U.P.S. man (clearly C.I.A.), I happily returned to my car pleased to avoid a ticket for leaving it in a no parking zone. So ended my adventure with the mysterious tube of Wella.


Someday I'll write about the time I watched a client try to curse her coworkers.

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lifeshighway said...

A mystery like this cannot be left unsolved. Is that brand only available in your area, does she have a mystery date the requires a little touch up? Did she wake up and look in the mirror and sob at her roots?

These things must be known.