Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Storm Defender Dog Coat

Is your dog terrified of thunder and lightening? One of my clients has a pair of greyhounds who panic when a storm appears. She swears by a product called Storm Defender. Storm Defender is a dog coat with a metallic lining that actually protects dogs from the static charge produced during a thunder storm. It's the static charge in the atmosphere causing your pet's terrified reaction. If your dog is afraid, you may notice he hides in the basement, or cowers near the toilet or tub. These places are electrically grounded and feel safer to your pet. 


This is a picture from the Storm Defender website. I recommended the coat to an acquaintance whose dog went out of his mind during lightening storms. I told her it worked for my client, but didn't know if the positive result was an odd freak that wouldn't work again. She sent for one and it did work. I was amazed. If you'd like to look into it yourself click HERE.


lifeshighway said...

This is great. I have a dog who is terrified of storms and you are right he crawls behind the toilet. Of course he is so terrified that he starts his shivering and whimbering routine once he hears thunder but this could help.

Thank you!

LunaKris said...

If you try the coat, tell me if it works. I'm interested.