Sunday, November 27, 2011

What's Wrong with People?

Castle with Drawbridge
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This is where I want to live from now on. I need a nice strong castle with a drawbridge, so the miserable human beings who live in my neighborhood can't reach me, or my car. About a week ago, I found my car keyed on its driver's side. The anonymous literary genius wrote f*** in lovely deep letters, impressing me with his incredible thoughtfulness and words of wisdom. Who this person is, and why he or she felt compelled to damage my property, I have no idea. The damage occurred at night in the parking lot of my apartment building. I've been living in this building for 10+ years. I mind my own business and bother no one.

It didn't end with the keying.

A few days later, I noticed one of my tires was almost flat. According to my mechanic, someone had SLASHED the tire! What was the point of that? Is this a teenager with nothing better to do? Or even worse, could this be a grown man filled with anger and owning a sharp knife? My neighbor on the second floor, who I sometimes visit and chat with, thinks it's someone in the adjoining building who wants my parking spot. All this over a parking spot!!! How old are these people? Twelve? 

I'm sick of the way people behave. I'm tired of the rudeness of strangers who find it important to treat others like garbage. I'm tired of jerks who cut drivers off in traffic then give them the finger. America has become a nation of self-absorbed, overgrown, adolescents with no empathy. 

Will this vicious attitude ever end? 

I doubt it.          

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Pet Mom 1 said...

Sorry this is happening to you! Yes America in general has lost its manners, to say the least...xoxoxo