Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bruno, Buttercup, and Two Shrimp


This fellow with the kindly face is named Bruno. He's a nervous guy with a number of fears including the wind, blowing leaves, loud noises, and most especially the trash truck. After his original family divorced, Bruno was placed in a Boxer rescue where he soon found a home. His first family were busy people with important jobs, so poor Bruno was confined to a crate for huge portions of the day. He's much too big a dog for such confinement. Crates can be very helpful things, but I don't feel dogs should stay in them for hours and hours and hours at a time. 

Bruno was adopted by his new family to provide companionship for Buttercup.    


I wrote about Buttercup in a previous POST. Sadly, Buttercup acquired cancer and passed away not long ago. She was a sweet girl and is greatly missed. Bruno misses her too, but is now becoming familar with his only dog status.

Bruno is not completely alone though.

The shrimp.

This little blown glass object is a biosphere. It contains two shrimp who may live up to ten years! I never knew shrimp could live so long. I'm told the biosphere initially housed fourteen shrimp, but all mysteriously disappeared save the last two. It's a shrimp eat shrimp world. Biospheres are sealed worlds that require monitored amounts of light to avoid an ecological breakdown within their system. I like it!

Bruno in his yard.

I'm looking forward to knowing Bruno and the shrimp for many years!

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